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👀Hobart Meat Slicer Model 512.👀
Texas Fort Worth 09/10/2022

🏷️GREAT DEAL 🏷️Hobart brand meat slicer.🥩 I have had this Hobart Slicer for a year now. I have kept up on the maintenance🧰and it's appearance✨. It's works ✅and looks brand new✅. Measurements📏 and Weight⚖️ Size of it 19x196x25 Weights 102 pounds ✨I also have a video 📽️of the Hobart meat slicer in action🎬✨! 📨 Message or 📱 text me for video📽️ or any questions❓you may have. I will respond as quickly as possible📤. Thank you 🙏for viewing👀.
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